About Benoit Financial Planners




We work with employers interested in providing employer-sponsored retirement plans for their employees, as well as individuals and families interested in developing a plan to assist in achieving their financial goals. The long-standing relationships we cultivate with clients are the foundation that Benoit Financial Planners is built upon. With more than 65 years of combined financial services experience, our team strives to provide clients with exceptional service that is prompt, professional, and friendly.

Our objective is to develop meaningful relationships built on integrity and proven long-term service. We hold the trust that our clients place in us with the highest regard.

As independent advisors, our loyalties lie with our clients. We have no incentive to choose one company over another and believe the client should be in control of how best to use the resources available at Benoit Financial Planners. Our goal is to empower clients and facilitate a thorough working knowledge of their financial plan through ongoing education.



Business Retirement Planning

We work with business owners and top executives to help identify and implement the optimal retirement plan for their organization, while facilitating a retirement readiness program for their employees.

Retirement and Income Planning/Investment Management

We assist individuals and families in developing investment portfolios that meet their needs at both stages of life - the accumulation stage as well as the income stage. With access to a broad selection of investment company products, we work diligently to develop the appropriate portfolio for each client.

Personal Financial Planning

We use industry-leading software to help our clients organize their current financial situation and prioritize their future goals.